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I grew up close by the Soo mainline, about a hundred miles east of Minneapolis. My father once helped fight a fire started when a Soo locomotive struck a loaded gasoline tank truck that stalled on the tracks. I guess you could say that I grew up as the Soo wound down.
Nowadays, the Wisconsin Central uses that Line, and my mother lives just two blocks from the track. When I'm visiting her, and it's quiet late at night, and I hear the whistle blow the crossing down the line, you'll see me rush the door, race down the street and stand at the crossing watching the world roll by.
Passenger Timetable from June 28, 1931 These Links represent a lot of effort by folks who are as nostalgic as I for the old Soo. I enjoy every one of them, and hope you find something useful and entertaining as well. I have included Wisconsin Central web sites as well, since I see a lot of WC traffic when I'm visiting my old home town. There are also a few Canadian Pacific sites, because the CP now owns the former Soo. I hope they keep that line open for a long time to come. I expect they will; I saw the UP using it this summer, and traffic seems to be getting heavier.
By the way, if you should find a link here that comes up empty, please let me know by e-mail. Thanks!

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"The Soo Line Historical and Technical Society"
My Pictures from the 2005 Convention in Manitowoc
"The Soo Line H&TS Convention Information"
Thief River Falls, MN, Sept. 13-16, 2012
How long do we have to wait for the 2012 Convention??"
(Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds)
A short History of the Soo Line and predecessor roads
A short History of the Wisconsin Central Railway
A short History of the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railway
A short History of the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railway
A Soo Line Steam Locomotive roster
A Soo Line Diesel Locomotive roster
A Soo Line Covered Wagon roster
Soo Locomotive Roster, May 1953
Soo Locomotive Roster, July 1958
Files from the SooLineHistory group at Yahoo
Soo-Spokane Train Deluxe
Pierre Milot's Soo Line Modeling website
According to Patrick Dorin, the Former Soo Line gas-electric car M1 was rebuilt after faithfully providing passenger service to Ashland, Wisconsin. It was first used in Maintenance of Way service, then later was converted by Sperry Rail Services to it's present configuration.
In this picture, Vlad Kedrovsky caught it in St. Paul, Minnesota in 2001.

The 1997 convention featured excursion trips behind restored 2-8-2 "Mikado" # 1003. We rode the Saturday morning trip to Thorp, and the Sunday trip west to Cardigan Junction, and had a wonderful time. No rain like 1996 (Rhinelander to Ladysmith), only a little fog around the Chippewa River on Sunday Morning.

The 1998 convention at Stevens Point didn't have an excursion, but the Locomotive & Tower Preservation Fund, operators of the Soo Pacific # 2719, was running from Irvine Yard in Chippewa Falls to Colfax that weekend. We were on one of those excursions ;-) Thanks, guys!

The 1999 convention was held in Duluth, Minnesota, and we enjoyed a trip behind Soo FP-7 # 2500.

The 2000 convention was held in Hudson, Wisconsin. Again we had no fan trip, but Anita and I enjoyed the Dinner Train out of Stillwater, Minnesota.

We didn't make it to the 2001 convention, held in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, the 2002 convention in Stevens Point, the 2003 convention in Gladstone, Michigan, or the 2004 convention held in North Freedom, Wisconsin. Buta good friend and I did get to Manitowoc in 2005. You'll find pictures of that expedition here. The 2006 convention was again held in Duluth and a good time was had by all as we dined in the depot and rode the North Shore line up to Two Harbors.

We providentially hindered from making the 2007 convention in Eau Claire; in 2008 the convention will be held in Milwaukee from September 12 to 14.

Appleman, Jerry: Jerry's Railroad Photo Album" has some Soo photos
DuLong, John: Duluth, south Shore & Atlantic Ry
Holmes, Dennis (Homer): SD40 Home Page
Milot, Pierre: Dedicated to Modeling the Soo Line
Ray and Rene Grosser: Grosser's Nostalgia Trip
Nadolsky, Paul: Soo Line Online

Canadian Pacific Railway
Churcher, Colin: Canadian Railway History
Miller, Bill: The View from Galt Station
Miller, Bill: Rosters and Summaries
Miller, Bill: CP Paint Schemes
Regaudie, Wayne: Mile 77
Canadian Railroad Historical Association
Lansing Railfan: CPR/SOO Page

Fromm, Galen: WCL News
Schwalbach, Frank: Wisconsin Railfan Page

Soo Line Mikado # 1003 was restored to operation by the Wisconsin Railway Preservation Trust, and is currently stored at Hartford, WI at the Wisconsin Automotive Muesum.

Soo Line Pacific # 2719 was restored by the Chippewa Valley Railroad Assn, which has information about the restoration and operations up until the January 2001 merger of Wisconsin Central Ltd. into the Canadian National Railway. In December 2006 this locomotive was moved from Eau Claire, WI to Duluth, MN and turned over to the Lake Superior Railroad Museum for maintenance and operation.

The Friends of the Milwaukee Road # 261

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Pictures and Stories from our Soo Line Excursions
Click Here to Take the Tour
Rhinelander WI Prentice WI Ladysmith WI Click
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Soo # 500 Soo # 2500 Soo Postcards
Chippewa Falls WI ChFl to Thorp WI ChFl to Cardigan Jct, MN
Irvine Yard /1 Irvine Yard /2 ChFls to Colfax WI
Irvine to Altoona Chfls to Spooner
Keith Meacham's Stories and Photos
The Marshfield & Texas Railroad The Greenwood Branch

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